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Numinous Description

The perfect combination between a playful powder ski and a hard charging big mountain weapon.

This ski rides as if its slightly skinnier and shorter than its 189cm/122.5mm frame due to the long tip tapers, slow blend curves and long gradual rising rockers with just enough camber under foot for power and a shorter running surface to be playful. This ski is stable and aggressive enough for those that demand the most from their equipment.

Kye put a lot of time into the design and testing of The Numinous ski so it would allow him to perform in the most progressive way while he’s out riding stacked pillow lines, tricking off natural backcountry hits, sliding down steep fluted spine walls, stomping big cliffs and opening it up down large couloirs in his backyard of the Coast Mountains of BC.

The shape of The Numinous is designed to be a versatile powder ski in the way that it can be set on rail through long carves while still allowing the tails to slide at will and butter with the best of them. Even though this is a powder and backcountry ski, that doesn’t mean we have forgot completely about on piste performance; For being the gun of the Kye Shapes line it still likes to carve the firm at speeds and smash through chunder on route to getting the first lift up Glacier chair on a classic Whistler powder day!