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After a decade and a half of working on design, R&D, testing and pro model series with numerous industry leading brands, Kye Petersen chose to break free from the norm and take a new approach to branding the ski shapes he's designing.

In collaboration with legendary Canadian big mountain skier and first descending pioneer, Johnny ‘Foon’ Chilton, Kye decided to join forces bringing his ski design philosophies into the Foon skis factory with the help of Johnny as the lead builder. We are motivated to implement new designs into the backcountry skiing world based on what Kye has learned about the ski shaping science and alchemy through rigorous testing and research, right here in his backyard on Whistler’s north shore mountains.

Kye Shapes is more than just a ski company but more so a brand which is building a reputation for creating the most exciting and modern shapes that any rider, pro or novice, can enjoy. With many of today’s ski innovations having just popped up in the last 10 years, Kye believes there is a lot of perfecting and testing to still be done in order to achieve the ultimate floatation, pop, slide and glide in powder snow as well as carving ability and railing power in hard and variable conditions. To create these perfect mediums there has been countless hours, days and years that have gone into the whole design process.

Everything from the base running surface, side cut running surface, rocker heights, multi radius rockers, camber heights that match side cuts, waist placement, smooth transitional blend curves, flex profile degrees, dampening inserts, multiple wood core combinations etc are all elements of how we design and build the ski’s. Kye has learned that the combination of all of these design specs together with the slightest change can make or break the ski’s ultimate performance.

We see ourselves as pioneers of a new age of rider designed shaping brands and even though we are not inventors, we are innovators that are bringing big change to the way ski shapes are being processed. We also see that sometimes the smallest changes can be felt in the biggest way and fine tuning each and every curve in our skis can make the difference.

Everyone behind the brand are mountain people at heart and skiing is our passion. We take it to heart that it is our responsibility to create the best dynamics for a ski to perform at the highest level. Wherever you may be riding on the mountain, whether in bounds, freeriding or in the furthest mountain range possible: Our skis are 'rider built rider shaped'.

Our mission statement we live, build, stand and ride by is to:

‘Build the best product, implement new designs, shapes and materials to the ski building industry in an effort to lessen our impact on the planet and improve the quality of ride on snow.’